The Story of Kuzgun Art Space

Kuzgun Art Space stepped into the world of art as an interdisciplinary contemporary art gallery.

When we set out in pursuit of our dreams, we imagined and realized Kuzgun Art Space as a versatile platform that takes care of the art audience and the artist.

Would you like to accompany us on our journey to realize our dreams?

Gallery information

Kuzgun Art Space is located in Adana Radyoevi Street.
There is a 60 m2 gallery space on the ground floor, a meeting room and two office rooms, and there is a 45 m2 gallery space in the basement.
Kuzgun was designed as a venue suitable for group and personal exhibitions, workshops, seminars, digital and performance arts events.
While designing the space, the most important point was that art producers and audiences get the highest efficiency.
As of February 12, 2022, we are opening our areas suitable for private and public sharing.
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