04 February 2023
Until 12 March 2023
Why the sun which has been so important and also adorable for people for thousands of years becomes extremely crucial for us?
When did it get into our genes to make us feel insecure when we can't see the sun,the feeling of happiness,peace and safety that the Sun and the sunshine give us. Perhaps our fears specify the importance of sun in our life and  we accepted each of the day as a milestone.We made our home whereever we went by following the sun.
During the time we had to withdraw into our lives and recognise ourself more, we have noticed our primitive impulses since the beginning of the pandemic. In our own caves we need more sunshine.
 I started to draw woman figures who had to settle for sunshine reflected in the window and retreat into her shell unconsciously during that process. That portraits reflect the woman who had to settle for sunshine coming from the window. I came across my two different egos because of without sunshine.
While  I portraid the entrance part of the exhibition place as peace,safety,energy making us feel better,sunshine and the sun, I tried to show my feelings  by spending my time and going on producing more spleenful and uneasy during the pandemic and before the exhibition for the downstairs part.
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